Executive Director-Treasurer Nominee

Todd Unzicker

Todd Unzicker, 44, currently serves as chief of staff at The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, where he has worked closely with The Summit’s lead pastor, J.D. Greear, during Greear’s tenure as president of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).

Unzicker played a key role in mobilizing churches with recent SBC strategies such as the “Who’s Your One?” evangelism initiative, “Go2” collegiate missions initiative and the “Caring Well” initiative to help churches prevent sex abuse and care for victims.

Prior to his current role, Unzicker led The Summit’s missions efforts as pastor of sending and as a campus pastor. The Summit became the top missions-sending church in the SBC and the top Cooperative Program giving church in North Carolina during Unzicker’s tenure as pastor of sending.

Before joining the Summit’s staff in 2012, Unzicker was the director of missions at the Holmes Baptist Association in Bonifay, Fla., and served two years as a missionary in Central America.

Unzicker graduated from the Baptist College of Florida in Graceville, Fla., and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C. He and his wife, Ashley, live in Wake Forest. They have three children: Georgia, JD and Trey.

Prior to his salvation and call to ministry, Unzicker worked as a sports reporter, covering the nationally ranked University of Georgia football program. He is also an avid fisherman.



Danny Akin

President, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
“Words fail to express my excitement for this decision. Todd Unzicker is the perfect person to follow Milton Hollifield in this critically important position. I believe there are great days ahead for North Carolina Baptists under Todd’s leadership. I am all onboard!”

Marshal Ausberry

Pastor, Antioch Baptist Church, Fairfax Station, Va.
“Todd Unzicker is a great choice to lead North Carolina Baptists. He is a great team builder, motivator and brings a servant’s heart to all his work. Todd’s body of work and experience has well prepared him for the times we face.”

Johnmark Brown

Pastor, Brushy Fork Baptist Church, Vilas, N.C.
“I understand that my friend Todd Unzicker is under consideration for the executive director position in our state … he is an exemplary man of God. I have seen him lead people on mission with great leadership and passion for the gospel of our Lord. I served in a church that was in a neighboring association and chose to join with him and their churches while he was the associational missionary. He has the utmost love for God and what has been given him in salvation.”

Marty Childers

Associational Mission Strategist, Yates Baptist Association, Durham, N.C.
“Todd’s heart beats for the Great Commission. I love his passion for the nations and the lost. As a former director of missions, Todd understands the importance of partnership… He is a gifted leader and team builder who loves the local church and Baptist associations. Todd’s commitment and influence in the Yates Baptist Association has helped us look to the future with hope.”

Paul Chitwood

President, International Mission Board, SBC

“North Carolina Baptists have a strong legacy of cooperation for the sake of kingdom advance. As one of them, Todd Unzicker has a strong and genuine passion for mobilizing Southern Baptists for the Great Commission. In his past role as an associational director of missions, his current ministry at Summit Church, and his ongoing work with IMB to help students connect to opportunities overseas through the Go2 initiative, Todd has been shaped as a cooperative missions leader who understands and values partnerships that serve local churches stewarding Christ’s call to be His witness from their Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. The executive director search committee has done great work, and the IMB would welcome the opportunity to come alongside Todd as we continue to serve North Carolina Baptists.”

Kevin Ezell

President, North American Mission Board, SBC
“I could not be more thrilled that you are prayerfully considering Todd Unzicker to lead North Carolina Baptists. Todd has a heart and a vision for spreading the gospel through evangelism, church planting and missions. He knows the importance of mobilizing and investing in the next generation of Southern Baptists. Todd has a vast knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of Southern Baptist life. I know Todd to be a man committed to his family, one of strong faith, great conviction, integrity and generosity. I am excited about the continued days of partnership ahead.”

Ronnie Floyd

President & CEO, Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee

“Todd Unzicker is a man who will champion North Carolina Baptists to become a movement of churches on mission together. As a spiritual and strategic catalyst, he will lead with an intentionality to mobilize pastors and churches to evangelism, church planting, and sending missionaries to the nations. As a relational leader, he inspires people to vision and to believe God for the future. I believe God will use Todd and Ashley to encourage and bless the churches of North Carolina.”

Marc Francis

Lead Pastor, Ridgecrest Baptist Church, Durham, N.C.
“I am honored to endorse my friend and fellow minister, Todd Unzicker, to become the next executive director-treasurer of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. Having served on the board of directors of BSCNC as vice president (2016) and as president (2017-18), I know the work of the convention. Having worked towards the revitalization of our Yates Baptist Association alongside Todd, I have come to know his heart for Jesus and for cooperative ministry. My belief is that Todd will be a great fit in leading our convention forward for the glory of our Lord.”

Bruce Frank

Lead Pastor, Biltmore Church, Asheville, N.C.
“Todd is a great blend of having a high regard for our past but an understanding of how to lead to a bright future. He is all about a movement of churches and ministries of churches designed to share Jesus, plant churches, send missionaries and show mercy to our state. Todd is both patient and innovative, which is a rare combination. He loves the Lord and loves Baptists. Todd also understands the structures of our state convention, the SBC and the Cooperative Program.”

Andrew Ivester

Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Durham, N.C.
“I am thrilled to hear that Todd Unzicker is in the final stages of the search process for the next EDT of our convention. He is a gospel man, a Great Commission man, a pastor to pastors, a visionary and a unifier. I believe Todd will help us focus on the God-given task at hand while shepherding us through the challenges of our day. I’m excited for the days ahead.”

Marty Jacumin

Former Pastor (retired), Bay Leaf Baptist Church, Raleigh, N.C.
“As a North Carolina Baptist, I’m excited to see Todd Unzicker as our executive director-treasurer candidate. Our convention has people from every generation and Todd has the ability to bring these generations together for sharing Jesus with the world. Todd will lead with conviction as he listens to North Carolina Baptists.”

Amber Lehman

Former National Director of Strategic Partnerships, Human Coalition

“I think Todd Unzicker is a great choice to lead North Carolina Baptists. As a former ministry partner, I saw firsthand his heart for missions, his creative approach to partnerships with local ministries that impact people in need and his commitment to pro-life initiatives in the public square. I am happy to support him as the next executive director-treasurer for the state convention.”

Tony Merida

Pastor for Preaching and Vision, Imago Dei Church, Raleigh, N.C.
“Todd Unzicker is widely known as a humble shepherd, who is centered on the gospel and passionate on Jesus’ mission. I love (and share!) his heart for the local church, church planting, orphan care, healthy ministry partnerships and theological training. I believe he will lead North Carolina Baptists well as we seek to do gospel ministry in our state and beyond.”

Michael Owings

Pastor, Bells Baptist Church, Apex, N.C.
“We are a small, used to be rural church that has 30-40 people in our Sunday service…I was asked by Marty Childers to serve on a committee in the Yates Baptist Association to look into the future of YBA, examining every aspect of our ministry together. Todd also served on this committee. During these meetings, I saw the heart Todd had for the church on every level. We discussed issues facing large congregations like the Summit and issues facing small churches like my own…These discussions were quite enlightening and helpful. Todd preached at Bells in early March while I was on vacation. He did a wonderful job communicating to my small church and has remained committed to helping me in the future.”

Ronnie Parrott

Lead Pastor, Christ Community Church, Huntersville, N.C.
“I know few leaders who match a passion for the gospel and the Great Commission that Todd Unzicker demonstrates! Todd brings an extensive knowledge of church planting, church revitalization, church strengthening and church coaching with him in a time where pastors are struggling, churches are hurting and many are trying to rebuild community. Todd is a proven leader and a pastor of pastors. I look forward to supporting his vision and leadership for North Carolina Baptists.”

Clint Pressley

Senior Pastor, Hickory Grove Baptist Church, Charlotte, N.C.
“Todd Unzicker is the ideal candidate. We are at a pivotal time in the culture, and Bible believing churches must be mobilized to reach people for Christ in North Carolina. As a native North Carolinian and a longtime N.C. Baptist pastor, I can think of no better man to lead N.C. Baptists than Todd Unzicker. He has vision, he loves God and he knows how to work hard. The thought of him leading N.C. Baptists will energize our state convention!”

Tammy Priest

Member & former staff member, Calvary Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, N.C.
“I am very encouraged by the nomination of Todd Unzicker as the next Executive Director-Treasurer of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. Over the years, Todd has demonstrated a steadfast passion for Jesus and for people. He leads with authenticity and integrity, and with purpose and vision. I’m hopeful for what the next season of ministry will be under Todd’s leadership.”

Steve Scoggins

Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Hendersonville, N.C.
“I believe we are entering times that require new and innovative strategies to help us accomplish our mission in our state. The search committee has put forward a tested, visionary leader in Todd Unzicker. Over the past couple of years, Todd was extremely helpful to me in both counsel and actions as I served as president of N.C. Baptists. His work in assisting the president of the SBC and his ministry in North Carolina will give him great insight into how to steer our convention into the future.” 

Spence Shelton

Lead Pastor, Mercy Church, Charlotte, N.C.
“Todd Unzicker honors the contributions of those who have come before him while keeping his eyes on God’s mission in front of him. In a state with a rich gospel history that is also rapidly changing, Todd is the guy we need. He loves his wife and children, loves the local church, and loves pastors. As a pastor with big dreams for reaching my community, I know Todd will put every ounce of energy he has into helping me accomplish God’s calling on my life.”

Ed Stetzer

Executive Director, The Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, Wheaton, Ill.
“I’ve known and worked with Todd Unzicker for years now. He has the heart of a missionary and the mind of a statesman. As North Carolina Baptists move together into the future, he is the kind of leader that will listen deeply and lead well. I’m excited for Todd and North Carolina Baptists!”

Will Toburen

Senior Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, N.C.
“Having served alongside Todd for over seven years, I have witnessed firsthand Todd’s unwavering commitment to Christ, the local church and the mission of God. Todd brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this role, having served as both a pastor in the local church and as a leader in associational/denominational life. I believe Todd is the right person at the right time to lead our state convention to faithfully partner with our local churches and courageously lead us into the next season of ministry.”

Lawrence Yoo

Lead Pastor, Waypoint Church, Chapel Hill, N.C.
“I am so excited that Todd Unzicker is being presented for the role of EDT of North Carolina Baptists. He is a man of high character that truly longs to see the Great Commission accomplished around the world. I believe Todd will foster unity and rally the local churches to a global vision.”