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Beyond Clichés: Gospel Conversations in an Age of Authenticity

Josh Reed, Senior Consultant, Evangelism & Discipleship, BSCNC
Many shifts have taken place in our cultural worldview over the last three generations that have impacted articulations of the gospel. This session will examine those shifts, explore their effects and include a discussion on the necessity of both nuance and wonder in gospel conversations in our current context.

Church Livestreaming 101

Travis Currin, Media Technology Associate, Carmel Baptist Church, Matthews, N.C.
If your church has suddenly been thrust into the world of livestreaming and you find yourself utterly confused by its intricacies — such as  the difference between encoders, switchers, SDI, HDMI, etc. — then this session is for you. Topics will cover an introduction to church livestreaming, how a church can use streaming effectively and what to watch out for.

Creating a Sending Church Culture Through Disciple-Making

Mike Pittman, Team Leader, Church Planting Team, BSCNC
COVID-19 has given churches the opportunity to rethink their mission structures and engagement strategies. Some have begun imagining better leadership pipelines and converting small groups into missional communities. In this session, we will explore how intentional discipleship to send can influence a culture of churches intent on planting churches that will plant other churches.

Faith At Home Mentoring Ministry: Redeeming Intentional Family Discipleship

Mark Smith, Senior Consultant, Family Evangelism & Discipleship, BSCNC
Every church has families who make disciple-making in the home look easy. However, many parents are struggling, discouraged and overwhelmed when it comes to discipleship. What would it look like if your church equipped and matched disciple-making families with families who find it difficult to disciple their children? In this session, you’ll receive an easy-to-implement plan to train and resource your disciple-making families to be mentors and coaches in your church.

Groups that Thrive Beyond the Walls

Kevin Stewart, Discipleship & Missions Pastor, Catalyst Church, Jacksonville, N.C.
Groups can be empowering for your church while also being the heartbeat to your community and beyond. With the right leaders, structure, process and replication, your church can celebrate all that God will do through your group ministry. Join us to learn more.

Pastoral Health: A Daily Pursuit

Sandy Marks, Team Leader, Church Health & Revitalization Team, BSCNC
Barry Lawrence, Pastor, The Lakes Community Church, Sanford, N.C.
Pastors can often get so caught up in caring for others that they forget to care for themselves. What does it look like to pursue physical, spiritual and emotional health as a pastor? This session will help pastors develop practical disciplines for the soul that strengthen their relationships with God, family and ministries.

Revitalization During a Global Pandemic

Terry Long, Senior Consultant, Church Revitalization, BSCNC
Steve Harris, Blue Ridge Strategy Coordinator, Strategic Focus Team, BSCNC
Barry Lawrence, Pastor, The Lakes Community Church, Sanford, N.C.
Lee Childs, Retired Executive Pastor, First Baptist Church, Garner, N.C.
Hannah Nelson, Team Leader Assistant, Church Revitalization, BSCNC
The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina’s (BSCNC) goal in church revitalization is “to see God glorified through churches returning to their mission of impacting lostness by making disciples.” LifeWay research tells us that more than  82% of N.C. Baptist  churches are either plateaued or declining. The coronavirus pandemic has amplified these numbers, but it has also raised awareness of the need to return to our mission. Re-vision what ministry can and should look like for your church during this panel discussion.

Safety and Security in Your Ministry Context

Cheryl Markland, Senior Consultant, Childhood Evangelism & Discipleship, BSCNC
Merrie Johnson, Senior Consultant, Youth Evangelism & Discipleship, BSCNC
Ashley Allen, Senior Consultant, Embrace Women’s Evangelism & Discipleship, BSCNC
Providing safe environments for those attending our churches is critical to building trust and openness to the gospel. In this session, discussion will focus on screening volunteers for children’s and youth ministries, developing policies for on-site and off-site programming, recognizing grooming behaviors, mandatory reporting laws, abuse and women’s ministry, and steps your church can take immediately.

Building God’s Kingdom by Connecting Vulnerable Children with Christian Families

Keith Henry, Chief Operating Officer, Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina, Thomasville, N.C.
Kevin Qualls, President, Christian Adoption Services, Indian Trail, N.C.
David Powell, Pastor, Salem Baptist Church, Dobson, N.C.
Join us for an overview of foster care, foster to adopt, and options for domestic and international adoption. We will discuss exciting opportunities for how you and your church can respond as a congregation to this calling. This session will focus on how your church body can play an active role in foster care and adoption through the partnership of Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina and Christian Adoption Services.

Dealing with the Issue of Race and Racism in the Church

Quintell Hill, Lead Pastor, Multiply Community Church, Monroe, N.C.
God uses His people (the church) to proclaim and live the gospel of reconciliation so that the nations can be glad as they worship Him on that glorious day. This session will address the importance of the Imago Dei (image of God) and God’s mission to redeem people from every tongue, tribe and people group.

Future Church, Digital Discipleship, Microsites and Other Disciple-Making Shifts for a New Reality

Brian Upshaw, Team Leader, Disciple-Making Team, BSCNC
Many new terms have entered our vocabulary during the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be overwhelming for leaders who are looking for solutions to make disciples effectively in a time when “business as usual” methods are not working. In this session, we’ll identify some of the current shifts in disciple-making as viewed through a biblical lens. We’ll also seek to apply biblical wisdom and new insights to our current reality so that churches are better positioned to make disciples in the days ahead.

Leading Your Church in Local and Global Missions Amid a Pandemic

James C., Catalyst for Peoples Next Door NC, BSCNC
Jesus’ commission to us is to make disciples of all nations. The mission doesn’t change amid a global pandemic, so what do we do now? How can we begin to innovate and act outside of our current paradigms to equip and empower the members of our churches to more effectively engage in making disciples in least-reached places and among unreached peoples here in North Carolina and around the world?

Reaching Your Community and the Missionary Task

Cris Alley, Team Leader, Strategic Focus Team, BSCNC
The landscape of North Carolina is changing and is becoming a different kind of mission field. Many of our neighbors are people of different faiths, while some have no faith at all. The lost aren’t coming to us, so how do we go to them? This session will explore how your church can apply the six steps of the missionary task to reach our state’s growing mission field.

Revival and Spiritual Awakening: God’s Great Hope for Today

J. Chris Schofield, Director, Office of Prayer, BSCNC
If there ever was a day when America needed to experience God’s Great Hope through Jesus, it is today. This session will focus on God’s call to prayer for spiritual awakening from a biblical, historical and contemporary perspective. Special testimonies related to the Nov. 1 “Praying on the Mountain” call to prayer initiated by the Rev. Fred Lunsford will also be shared.

The College Campus as a Mission Field

Tom Knight, Senior Consultant and Contextualist, Collegiate Partnerships, BSCNC
The college age is a pivotal time in the lives of young adults. In this session, we will explore the need to reach college students, different types of students and colleges, and how churches can make a lasting impact for the kingdom through disciple-making.